Maximizing the value of commercial and investment real estate is more challenging than ever.  To understand the options, smart owners and their advisors turn to perceptive and proactive professionals.  That describes the team at Vector Real Estate Advisors LLC.  The principals are steeped in public and private sector experience, having advised developers, builders, bankers, attorneys, accountants, investors and other parties on how to take full advantage of property assets.  Sell or rent. Renovate or replace. Where is the real estate market heading?  What are the tax liabilities?  Who is lending?  Can government have a role?  In real estate, timing is as important as location, and selecting the right strategy requires experts who understand the market and have been at the table when critical decisions are made. 

Vector Real Estate Advisors offers:

No two properties are the same. Neither are asset advisory firms.  Let Vector Real Estate Advisors show you the difference.